KTM HOBBY AUTOMATIK - A journey into the past

The Hobby Automatic brings back a nostalgic feeling for many ORANGE BLEEDERS from the very early days.

As the new "Bike of the Month", the moped from 1970 can now be experienced in the KTM Motohall exhibition.

Unique to the "Hobby": As the moped only had one gear, the name "automatic" referred to the centrifugal clutch, as this made the inconvenient pulling of the clutch lever unnecessary.

Further technical data of the unique KTM Hobby Automatic from 1970:

Construction Year : 1970

Engine: single cylinder, two-stroke

Displacement: 47 cm³

Transmission: 1-speed

Power : 1.47 KW // 2 PS

Dry weight: 46 kg

Signal device: Bell



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