(hereinafter referred to as “MH”)

As of July 1, 2023


1. Access to the MH and the events at the MH is limited to persons and organizations authorized by KTM Motohall GmbH or its agents or contractual partners. In all other cases, only persons who can present a valid admission ticket or a valid authorization certificate may remain in the MH during opening hours. This does not include the semi-public areas that can be entered without an admission ticket during opening hours.

2. Visitors to the MH and visitors to events at the MH must adhere to the opening hours of the MH and the KTM Shop. A visit can accordingly only take place during the respective opening hours or event times. At the end of the respective opening hours, visitors must leave the MH immediately.

3. Guided tours for visitors will take place exclusively by or on behalf of KTM Motohall GmbH. By entering the MH, the complete and unconditional acceptance of these house rules is acknowledged. The MH is monitored by video.


1. MH provides visitors with cloakroom and locker areas for storing personal belongings.

2. The MH is barrier-free both indoors and outdoors.

3. Visitors to the MH will be provided with free Wi-Fi Internet access for the duration of their visit.

4. The restrooms also have baby diaper changing facilities.


1. Commercial photography, filming, and making audio and video recordings or other electronic records or drawings, especially of exhibits, are prohibited in the MH. Exceptions to this rule require the prior written permission of KTM Motohall GmbH.

2. Smoking is prohibited in the entire MH building.

3. For safety reasons, the exhibition may only be entered with footwear.

4. The consumption of food and beverages of any kind outside the gastronomic facilities (“Pit Box”) is strictly prohibited. Tables and chairs are to be used at their designated location and may not be removed or used for any other purpose.

5. The audio guides provided remain the property of KTM Motohall GmbH. Removing the audio guides is prohibited.

6. The use of exhibits and the items on display by visitors is voluntary and must always be carried out properly. No liability will be assumed for any damage resulting from improper use.

7. Children and adolescents under the age of 14 may only enter the MH premises if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian or an equivalent supervisor (e.g., tours of school groups, etc.).

8. Supervisors must point out the safety standards to children and adolescents under the age of 14 (especially before using the KTM Innovation Lab, exhibits, and items on display) and monitor them if necessary. KTM Motohall GmbH does not assume any duty of care or any liability in consequence thereof for personal injuries or damage to property.

9. Running without shoes (barefoot), skating with roller blades or other roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles (including children’s bicycles with and without pedals), or other mobility equipment is generally prohibited throughout the MH. The same applies to driving or permitting the driving of robots, radio-controlled toy cars, or similar technical equipment.

10. The parking of bicycles in and in front of the entrances as well as entry with a bicycle is not permitted in the MH.

11. KTM Motohall GmbH does not assume any liability for theft or damage to property, neither for the lockers nor for the cloakroom areas.

12. Motor vehicles may only be parked in the designated parking spaces (outside parking spaces, parking garage). Parking in entrances and crossings is prohibited for reasons of fire safety. In the event of non-compliance, the vehicle may be towed away at the expense of the owner.

13. The distribution of printed matter of any kind whatsoever, the affixing of advertising stickers or posters, and the unauthorized use of advertising media on the premises of MH and in the MH is not permitted without the prior written permission of KTM Motohall GmbH. Separate contractual arrangements can be made for organizers, which then only refer to the respective event.

14. The garden in the outside area of the MH is an ornamental garden. Visitors and their pets may not enter this area.

15. The generation of inappropriate noise that is likely to cause a sustained disturbance to other visitors in the MH or the residents and users of the Mattighofen Stadthaus as well as the “Garage – die Tüftler” restaurant, wearing clothes that grossly violate the sense of decency of others, expressing opinions, value judgments, or statements in word, writing, or in any other way (as well as prints on clothes) that in the opinion of MH may grossly offend the sense of honor or decency of others (including, in particular, expressions of racist, pornographic, the glorification of violence, National Socialist, or grossly derogatory content) is prohibited and may result in MH contacting the relevant security authorities (e.g., the police) to prevent such conduct.

16. Rallies and demonstrations on the premises of MH as well as in the MH itself are not permitted.

17. Any commercial activity on the premises of MH and in the MH is prohibited without the prior written consent of KTM Motohall GmbH.

18. Fireworks and other pyrotechnical products must not be set off in the MH; the use of fire and naked flames is not permitted. The use of such items on the premises of MH requires the prior written consent of KTM Motohall GmbH in addition to any official authorization that may be required. In the event of the misuse of the alarm systems and fire extinguishing equipment, the party responsible shall bear the resulting costs incurred.

19. Staying overnight and camping on the grounds of MH and in the MH is prohibited. Begging and hawking as well as any kind of offering goods for sale on the premises of MH and in the MH is also prohibited. Remaining on the premises despite having been requested to leave the MH may result in prosecution.

20. Entering the premises with pets is prohibited, except for guide dogs.

21. The carrying of weapons of any kind and objects or substances of any kind subject to registration are prohibited on the premises of MH and in the MH.

22. The user acknowledges that all claims, in particular claims for damages against KTM Motohall GmbH in connection with the use of driving simulators, are excluded. The above exclusion of liability shall not apply in the event of an intentional or grossly negligent breach of an obligation by KTM Motohall GmbH, in the event of injury to life, body, or health, or in the event of liability under the Product Liability Act. In this regard, it is expressly pointed out that the use of driving simulators is in any event prohibited for persons who have not yet reached the age of 14 and the use of such simulators can cause physical discomfort. The driving simulators may only be used by the maximum number of persons permitted at any given time and the instructions by the employees of KTM Motohall GmbH on the use of the simulators must be followed without exception.

23. Representatives or employees of KTM Motohall GmbH may check the contents of bags, rucksacks, and other containers if there are specific grounds for suspicion, while preserving a sense of decency, in order to safeguard the interests of MH.

In addition, in order to guarantee the safety of an event, e.g. concerts, KTM Motohall GmbH shall be entitled to carry out security checks at the entrance and, if necessary, also during the event and, while preserving a sense of decency, to carry out body searches or have them carried out as well as to prohibit the carrying of bags, backpacks, or other containers in general or in individual cases.

24. The disposal of waste other than in the respective waste bins, the deliberate contamination, pollution, or damage of the environment and the damage or misuse of the furnishings on the premises of MH and in the MH itself are prohibited.


1. The domiciliary rights are exercised by KTM Motohall GmbH and its agents. KTM Motohall GmbH reserves the right to take appropriate measures in the event of a violation of these house and usage rules, in particular to impose a temporary ban or, in the event of one or more serious violations, a permanent ban.

2. This shall not affect MH’s right to lodge criminal complaints with the judicial or administrative authorities or to assert claims for damages or injunctive relief.

3. Every theft, burglary, and willful damage will be reported. In the event of accidents or similar incidents in or on the premises of MH without KTM Motohall GmbH having caused or been involved in such an incident, KTM Motohall GmbH shall assist in investigating the facts of the incident, e.g. in the event of incidents between visitors or other guests. However, police investigations will not necessarily be initiated in such cases.

4. KTM Motohall GmbH and its agents and vicarious agents shall only be liable for damages insofar as such damages are attributable to the intentional or grossly negligent conduct of these persons or the legal representatives of KTM Motohall GmbH. This limitation of liability shall not apply if the damage constitutes a risk to life, physical integrity, or health and the damage is due to culpable conduct on the part of KTM Motohall GmbH and/or the above-mentioned persons.

5. The individual provisions of these house and usage rules apply independently of each other. Any invalidity of a provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.