The summer in the KTM Motohall is getting hot!
Matching the high temperatures of the DAKAR Rally

This year's Innovation Lab Summer Specials are all about the desert race.

The workshop starts at 10:30 am with the Rookie Tour through the exhibition and ends at the Dakar Rally special exhibition. Using the impressions from the special exhibition, the kids are asked to invent a story about the Dakar in the new workshop.

The "MY DAKAR STORY" is then recorded in the Innovation Lab's recording studio under the guidance of the workshop leaders and will be presented to the group.

The aim of this creative workshop is to have fun discovering the motorcycle museum and to encourage creativity as well as improving reading and language skills through the telling of individual stories.

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  • July 13 - Saturday

  • July 21 - Sunday

  • July 27 - Saturday

  • August 04 - Sunday

  • August 11 - Sunday

  • August 15 - Thursday

  • August 25 - Sunday

  • August 31 - Saturday

  • September 05 - Thursday



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