The Building

Innovative and never ordinary: The KTM Museum on over 10,000 m².


KTM Motohall’s special design enables easy, barrier-free access for older visitors and people with disabilities.

The building also has elevators and restroom facilities. Please note: The floor throughout the exhibition is gently sloped with a 4 % incline.


Since 2019, the spectacular KTM Motohall has been located just a few steps away from the very first workshop of KTM’s founder Hans Trunkenpolz. The 9,600 m² facility, made of exposed concrete, aluminum, and terrazzo, was constructed in three years.

The unusual facade already hints at what’s inside the action-packed exhibition: The READY TO RACE spirit – in all its many facets – is on full display here. The three exhibition levels and the KTM Motohall Shop can be experienced barrier-free via a course with neither steps nor stairs. The elevator brings you to the Living Workshop and event area.



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