KTM Motohall Special Exhibition


PIERER Mobility AG presents the new special exhibition “THE FUTURE OF ELECTRIC MOBILITY” at the KTM Motohall for a limited time only.

Come along and discover the evolution of electric mobility over the past decade and experience the latest electrically powered two-wheelers together with facts and illuminating exhibits – across three different power levels. Gain unique insights into the technology and design of the future. 

Power levels
While the electric motors on e-bicycles in power level 1 are mainly there to provide support, in the next level, lightweight motorcycles are all about motorized travel in urban environments and entry-level offroad bikes. Motorcycles in the third level meanwhile are powerful enduro and trial bikes for unlimited riding fun.

Batteries: The battery is what makes the difference.
It provides the motor with the power it needs. The capacity, range and charging time, charging cycles, and weight turn a good e-bike into a great e-bike. Whether a respectable 630 Wh battery capacity will suffice or the higher-rated 1.8 kWh is what is needed will depend to a large extent on use and riding style.

Electric motors: At the heart of every e-bike is the electric motor.
Electric bicycles adapt the power output depending on the riding experience. By contrast, all-terrain electric motorbikes demand a dynamic response for jumps and uneven ground. Motors in combination with optimally adapted power electronics are ideal here. They generate a rotating magnetic field that draws the permanently energized rotor.

Opening hours of the KTM Motohall / “THE FUTURE OF ELECTRIC MOBILITY” special exhibition:
Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm
We are also open on public holidays.