KTM Motohall Museum


The KTM Motohall promises a truly special experience for each and every visitor for a perfect family trip. You can discover the bikes, adventures, and heroes of motorsport as well as the history, innovations, and technology of the motorcycle and the KTM name. The KTM museum, located at KTM Platz 1 in Mattighofen, is just a few meters away from the very first factory owned by the company’s founder, Hans Trunkenpolz.

KTM Motohall exhibition

Spread over three floors and 2,600 m², our state-of-the-art exhibition allows you to experience the magic of KTM up close. It’s all accessible for everyone, featuring interactive displays, virtual tours, and original bikes. And that’s not all – there is also a 300 m² KTM shop, a living workshop, an Innovation Lab and an excklusive events space. The KTM Motohall is a fantastic indoor activity place and perfect for a special adventure trip with kids.

An unique day out for the whole family

The highspeed world of KTM promises you and your family an experience that is truly unparalleled in the world of motorsport. On the Rookie-Tour, youngsters take a rally through the KTM Motohall, passing simulators, checkpoints, and their favorite riders. Throughout all levels of the exhibition, the little champions get to explore and experience the world of KTM for themselves, accompanied by a booklet that they can take home as a memento. Even when it´s raining, the KTM Motohall offers s great family experience and a visit to the museum is a perfect bad weather program for everyone.

Opening hours KTM Motohall:
Wednesday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 6  p.m.

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KTM Motohall shop

From fashion to accessories the 300 m² KTM Motohall store stocks everythnig a fan´s heart could desire. Highlight: The KTM Motohall Retro-Collection, which celebrates the history of the KTM brand. The range includes magnets, metal signs, postcards, and KTM clothing like stylish Retro Tees that not only make perfect souvenirs, but also give KTM fans who’ve been with us since the beginning the chance to show their loyalty.

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KTM Motohall giftcard

You are looking for the right gift for motorsport enthusiasts? Then the KTM Motohall giftcard is perfect! Redeem in the KTM shop, in the exhibition and in the Garage Restaurant.

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KTM Motohall shop (free admission):
Wednesday – Sunday
9 a.m. – 6  p.m.